Wednesday 4 June 2014

Non visible finish, new from Saicos

Often we are presented with the following question:
"We've sanded down our Oak floor and like the pale colour the wood has now. How can we keep this colour?"
Before we had to tell every one that even a natural finish (such as Saicos Premium HardWaxOil, available in 4 sheens) would "darken" the wood to its natural characteristic. With Oak this tends to be honey - or yellow, and not the pale(r) colour you see right after sanding. Doing the "wet-finger" test on sanded Oak will show you this authentic colour the boards/blocks will get after oiling.
Saicos Coating Systems has just launched a new "sheen" in their Premium HardWaxOil (the quick drying product) which will keep your Oak wood the paler colour you saw after sanding:
  • Saicose pure 4 (3)Another innovation from Saicos to keep the wood looking as natural as possible. It’s a Non visible finish.
  • After completely sanding the floor, and you would like to keep the same appearance, you should apply two coats of Saicos Pure Hardwax Oil.
  • Does not yellow over time and easy maintenance with Saicos wash care.
  • Coverage 14m2 with 2coats per litre
  • Available in 0.75 litres and 2.5 litre
  • Also ideal for Kitchen worktops, doors and furniture as well.
 Available now in our secure webshop:
Saicos Premium HardWaxOil 0.75 ltr - select the "pure" option
Saicos Premium HardWaxOil 2.5 ltr - select the "pure" option
If you are looking for a pale look on your tropical floor - for which we highly recommend the Tropical Combo - two coats of HardWaxOil staight on the sanded surface will create a patchy look, due to the fact the tropical wood is oily of its own and the oil in the HardWaxOil will have trouble penetrating to wood as it should. Therefore we do not recommend the pure on these wood-species, use the Tropical Combo and apply the single oil first!