Who else wants Easy Maintenance and a Healthy Option?

When choosing for Natural Wooden Flooring you will start to enjoy the many benefits this floor covering gives you from day one on:
  1. easy day-to-day care and maintenance with the knowledge that a clean wooden floor is really clean and doesn’t hide house dust mites etc
  2. a ‘solid’ investment that keeps its value over years to come and is a quality feature to
    promote when the time might come you start thinking of selling your home
  3. one of the most anti-allergic floor coverings you can have, a real benefit for Asthma, allergy and even eczema sufferers
  4. eco-friendly, for every tree used in wooden flooring from sustained forests new trees are planted and trees are nature's way of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing the oxygen we breathe.
Having natural wooden flooring installed creates not only beauty, durability and an upgrade in the value of your property; it is also means you have a floor covering that is hygienic, anti-allergic and only needs the minimum of easy maintenance.
Taking care of your wooden floor enhances its beauty, durability and value.
Most of our quality floors come pre-treated with a quality and hard-wearing finish. Applying a suitable maintenance product to feed the wood which enhance its character and to continiously protect it from drips and other accidental water spillages is all that's needed.
Re-applying the oil or lacquer finish is in 99 of the 100 cases absolutely not needed.
We recommend that in the first few years a suitable maintenance product is applied every 5 - 6 months, depending on your 'traffic' circumstances. The beauty of it is - specially with oiled floors - the more times this is done regularly the number of times it is needed will reduce from twice a year to twice every one and a half year or even less.
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