Sunday 27 April 2014

The importance of the wet finger

Bare wood - no matter if it is a new floor or a sanded down one - looks quite pale, dull even. Applying a finish - any natural finish - will bring out the wood-species natural colouring, which can be rather different than its pale beginnings.

Surprise, surprise!

This week we received a phone call from a lady, who had bought and installed reclaimed Oak wood-blocks. After sanding the floor down she'd used a tester pot of Osmo HardWaxOil and was very surprised to see her Oak floor turn pinky.
She had been expecting a warm honey colour, the typical characteristic colouring of Oak:
Oak after it receive a natural finish 
But instead her "Oak" floor showed a pink tone:
Red Oak, after it received a natural finish, looks pinkier than Oak Beech - unsteamed - with a natural finish will not look like Oak
(example 1: American Red Oak, Example 2: Beech - which belongs to the same family as Oak
When I asked her to do the "wet finger" test on a bare area of the wood floor the result was again a pinky tone, and not as she had hoped the typical Oak colour.
The result of this simple and oh so effective test told me the wood-species was something different than Oak. But it had been sold to here as Oak, she told me. Well, American Red Oak is Oak, although I'm not even sure the seller had known the difference him or her self, because as said in the beginning of this article: bare wood of different species can look pretty much alike, especially if the grain structure is rather the same.
The lady in question felt rather disappointed ("bummer" was the word she used after discovering the result of the wet finger test) and didn't really know what to do next, perhaps she will stain it an Oak colour now.

The importance of the wet finger test!
The importance of the wet finger test on bare wood
Especially when you are in the market for reclaimed wood blocks, no matter if it is on offer on Ebay, in a local shop or reclamation yard, you'll have to be sure the wood-species are as claimed.
Two simple tools you have to have with you: one finger and a piece of sanding paper.
  • For bare wood blocks: simply wet your finger and place this on the block(s). This will show you its natural colour after you applied a natural finish and could prevent disappointment afterwards. (After you bought the lot, cleaned of the bitumen, glued down your pattern, sanded the floor smooth and level and applied your natural finish - only to make the same discovery as the lady who'd called us in a panic!)
  • For "finished" blocks: use the sand paper to clear off the finish of part of the block, then do the wet finger test. The finish could be a stain, disguising the original species.
Also use the sand paper if an apparent bare block doesn't change in colour after the wet finger test - a sure sign there is a finish on the block.
(On Ebay it could be a bit difficult doing these tests, best is always to have a sample send out to you).
Know the result before you start
 As you can see, it is really simple to know the result of any natural finish applied to bare (sanded) wood long before you start all the hard work: use the "wet finger" test and never be surprised again!

Thursday 10 April 2014

New look for Saicos Products

New Spring = New Look - at least for Saicos high quality products for floor finishes, floor maintenance - for your interior and exterior wood.
Saicos Hartwachöl 2,5  Grundieröl GB  Saicos Colorwachs 2,5
Premium HardWaxOil, Ground Oil Extra Thin and the Colour Wax - all available in the Floor Oil Category
Ecoline Pflegewachs Spray 1 GB  Ecoline Wischpflege 1 GB  Ecoline Magic Cleaner 1 GB  Saicos Pflegewachs 1D  Ecoline Pflegeset GB

All maintenance products in their new "coats": Wax-Care-Spray, Wash-Care, Magic Cleanser, Wax-Care Polish and the Floor Care Set - all available in the Maintenance Category

Grün-Ex 1 GB Holz-Entgrauer 1 GB  Holspezial-Öl D  Saicos Klarlasur GB

Green-Ex, Wood Brigtherner, Special Wood Oil and Clear Oil Finish, quality products for your exterior wood
Great products which will give you ease of use and do exactly what it says on the tin (or can)

Saturday 5 April 2014

Knowing your way

InformationzoneThere is a massive amount of information available online about wooden flooring and all things related. Where to start if you are looking for something specific?

Well, one point of access would be Wood You Like's information centre (online) where you will find various carefully put together information packs you can not go wrong with:
For instance if you are planning to install your own wooden floorboards there is the
Wooden Floor Installation Manual (160 pages)

or if you still are undecided on what type of flooring to have, the Buying Guide for Wooden Flooring is THE place to start

Perhaps you discovered an original parquet floor underneath old carpet? 7 Easy Steps to Repair/Restore your Parquet Floor will tell you all you need to know to bring it back to its former (valuable) glory.

And the Ultimate Maintenance Guide will help you keep your wooden floor - any wooden floor - healthy and beautiful in the most simple ways.

Or, all information problems solved in one go!

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Time for the Garden

This Spring weather seems to be planning to stay here for a while. High time to clean and spruce up your garden furniture:
Saicos Garden Set
This handy set contains all the products you need to keep your wooden garden furniture healthy and ready for the ongoing Spring, and Summer of course:
1 x 1.0 litres Wood Brightener concentrate (to clean the furniture before application of oils)
2 x 0.375 litres Special Oil Teak (covers approx 10m2 with 2 coats)
1 x Flat Brush
Application Cloths
Cleaning Pad
Application instruction
Order it now in our secure webshop, only £ 34.85 per set (excluding delivery charges)