Tuesday 14 January 2014

Case-study: bespoke Hackfort tiles

Our bespoke parquet design comes in at least 30 different 'standard' patterns - in many combinations of wood types - and even then our manufacturer (Lieverdink Parket) can make bespoke even more bespoke by altering the chosen pattern at the request of our clients (when possible of course).
Below is an 'adapted' Versailles panel (or adapted "Hackfort") - a whole block in the middle instead of the 'standard' two wood strips -  in Prime Oak and this is the story we received from our delighted client:
Wood You Like Prime Oak Design Parquet Floor"Hi Karin,
Having trawled the timber suppliers in the UK and Europe, plus the so called timber floor experts in the South my wife and I were on the brink of giving up on finding a supplier who could help.
Having spoken to Karin on the phone we decided to drive down to Wood You Like's premises in the wilds of Kent. We decided if she couldn't help we would give up. Our aim was to find a supplier that knew what a Versailles panel was, at a reasonable price, and a short delivery.
Karin knew exactly what we wanted, spoke to her factory in Holland whilst we were there, in Dutch (of course). Stated that it would be no problem, gave us a very competitive price and confirmed delivery would be about 10 days.
At last, so within 10 minutes of meeting we placed our order. Had confirmation the next day, and hey presto a very large lorry showed up 10 days later with our beautiful Premium Oak panels, exactly as promised.
Many thanks Karin for your excellent service from start to finish. A real pleasure, the photographs do not do the floor justice."
Wood You Like Prime Oak Design Parquet Floor Wood You Like Prime Oak Design Parquet Floor
Kind regards
Kevin Beasant
(Senior Manager The Wilton Carpet Factory Limited, Wilton Wiltshire)