Thursday 10 April 2014

New look for Saicos Products

New Spring = New Look - at least for Saicos high quality products for floor finishes, floor maintenance - for your interior and exterior wood.
Saicos Hartwachöl 2,5  Grundieröl GB  Saicos Colorwachs 2,5
Premium HardWaxOil, Ground Oil Extra Thin and the Colour Wax - all available in the Floor Oil Category
Ecoline Pflegewachs Spray 1 GB  Ecoline Wischpflege 1 GB  Ecoline Magic Cleaner 1 GB  Saicos Pflegewachs 1D  Ecoline Pflegeset GB

All maintenance products in their new "coats": Wax-Care-Spray, Wash-Care, Magic Cleanser, Wax-Care Polish and the Floor Care Set - all available in the Maintenance Category

Grün-Ex 1 GB Holz-Entgrauer 1 GB  Holspezial-Öl D  Saicos Klarlasur GB

Green-Ex, Wood Brigtherner, Special Wood Oil and Clear Oil Finish, quality products for your exterior wood
Great products which will give you ease of use and do exactly what it says on the tin (or can)