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Here's "The Knowledge Base"
on wood flooring

Professional Help, Tips & Advice - that's a big difference!

Welcome to the Knowledge Base or "DIY with a Difference" section of our company.

It's our aim to supply you not only with quality products, but also with all the tips, advice and help you might need when selecting and/or installing our natural wooden flooring yourself.
FREE help from the professionals - now that's a big difference!

As the acknowledged authority on wooden flooring, many architects, interior designers and property developers, nationally and locally, frequently call on 'Wood You Like' for advice on choice and suitability of different wooden flooring and advice on the fitting and maintenance (they see us as The National Helpline for wooden flooring).
You can also feel free to help yourself to our wood knowledge base.

Our Knowledge Base or "DIY with a Difference", the FAQ & News site and the secure Webshop are different than others. 


  • We are quality driven, not brand driven. This guarantees you that we are independent retailers and only select those suppliers who guarantee us the best quality in any kind of flooring.

  • Our excellent contacts with manufacturers and wholesalers in the UK and The Netherlands/Belgium gives us the opportunity to introduce novelties in wooden flooring earlier than most UK retailers. Plus our excellent and professional contact also means very short communication lines.

  • You can feel secure in the knowledge we will help, advice and give you tips as long you need - on-line buying doesn't mean you're just a number to us. You are always a valued client and are guaranteed of our professional advice, as all our clients are - no matter who installs the natural wooden flooring for you.

  • We have an online catalogue containing the UK's most popular wooden floors; we don't show you 1000 or more products.

  • We use interior design pictures of wooden flooring installed by us (or by our suppliers) as products where ever we can to give you the best impression on-line possible.

  • We even compiled the most frequently asked questions on the preparation and installation of wooden floor boards into a 160 page paperback: Wooden Floor Installation Manual

We understand that selecting and installing (by us or by yourself) a natural wooden floor is not something you will do every day - some even call it a 'solid' investment (true too, wooden floors will increase the value of your home) and we like well-informed clients. Hence the sharing of our professional knowledge with you: freely and without any obligations.

We also understand that an on-line shop is a virtual showroom, where you might miss the touchy-feely effect you have in a real wooden flooring showroom.
In order to give you the best impression of the wooden floor we have turned our portfolio pictures of installed flooring into products. Still not the same as being able to touch, feel or even smell the wood, but better than only a tiny 'sample' of a single board you have to choose as product.

Wood You Like's policy - samples, why not

You can select Solid Hardwood flooring, many Wood-Engineered flooring types, Aged and Distressed (Destressed) Oak floorboards, Design Parquet patterns and of course accessories needed for complete installation of your floor. Plus a whole assortment of maintenance and after care products. Either online in our secure Webshop or in our showroom.

Still don't see your desired floor? Tell us and we will find it for you!

Wood You Like Home of Real Wood and Professional Knowledge on wooden flooring

Why not browse our Knowledge Base pages on wood-types, grades, installation tips, maintenance instructions and more (see below for Quick Links) to help you on your way. On these pages you will also find links to several articles we've written on request of our clients to highlight specific (sometimes unique) circumstances you might encounter too.
You can find a summery of our latest articles and special offers here

Quality products suitable for your specific and sometimes unique circumstances can be found in the secure Webshop (virtual showroom).
Wood You Like secure online shopping for wooden flooring

If you need further help with selecting the right products for your circumstances, interior design or budget fill in the simple form and we will give you our best advice (and quote if so requested) as soon as possible.

Things you SHOULD NOT expect from a wooden floor!

  1. A floor without (tiny) gaps between the floorboards, or within the parquet pieces. Although your new floor may start tight together, as a natural product is will continue to absorb and release moist. This natural process will cause the floor to expand and shrink from season to season, resulting in gaps between some of the boards in your floor. Some colours, such as white, will show this more than others.

  2. A floor that will not indent. In spite of the term hardwood, most floors will indent under high heel traffic (specially when heels are damaged), dropping hard or sharp materials on it. The finish that is applied will not prevent the dents.

  3. A monochromatic floor. Wood, as a natural product, varies from piece to piece, from board to board. Remember it's not fabricated (like Melamine Laminate flooring), it's milled from a tree and will have grain and colour variations consistent with the grade and species of the wood selected.

  4. A dust-free finish. When we/you apply the finish to the floor in your home, it's not possible to achieve a 'clear room' environment. Some dust will fall into the freshly applied material.

Remember that furniture, cabinets, doors etc are fabricated in a factory under ideal conditions and that they contain 1 - 10 different pieces of wood. Your floor is 'fabricated' in your own home and is made up of 10 to a thousand individual pieces.
Remember also that your floor is never to be duplicated, a truly custom wooden floor of your own!
(Read our policy on sending out samples: Nature is too varied to have your choice in wood dictated by a small - tiny sample)

Index of our Wood Flooring Knowledge Base:




House Climate

Underfloor Heating - Skirting Heating

Maintenance & Care

FAQ Summery

All advice given on these page is for guidelines only (your situation/circumstance may differ). If you have further questions or need more advice, you can find more FAQ in our blog and even submit your own question to us there or here

Visitors are also kindly invited to our 'real' showroom in Charing, where you can see, touch, compare over 117 natural wooden flooring types, all real wood floors. We can install any natural wooden floor from our ranges in the Kent (U.K.) area and DIY-ers, Self-Builders and Property Developers are equally welcome.

Professional Help, Tips & Advice - that's a big difference!

"Wooden Floor Installation Manual"

Wooden Floor Installation Manual

Order here!


"Thanks to Wood You Like I scrutinised what I had bought; I only wish I'd listened to them sooner. It might have prevented me from buying my floor from a less than reputable company that went bankrupt a few  days later......

Their advice for installation has confirmed what I had intended and given me the confidence I needed!
Graham L.






















Wood You Like DIY tips and advice on natural wooden flooring

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