Monday 5 May 2014

Due to popular demand, the buffing block is back!

The most effective and eco-friendly way to maintain your natural wooden floor the easy way!

Due to popular demand it is back in our secure webshop. 
We - Wood You Like Ltd - seem to be the only company supplying this great and handy tool in the U.K. We therefore have to add international freight to the standard price of the buffing block and since it has a weight of 7 kg these add up, but nonetheless it is still cheaper than an electric household floor polisher.

Real natural wooden flooring are an asset to any home. A valuable asset you want to keep healthy and beautiful. Therefore any wooden floor, no matter what type of finish it has, needs maintenance, only once every 5 - 6 months. This way you make sure your floor not only stays protected against dirt and drips but becomes even more beautiful with every maintenance treatment it receives.

Buffing blockMaintenance is made even easier with the modern liquid polishes, waxing your floor on hands and knees is a thing of the past! You sprinkle the polish over the floor and with an applicator with woolen sleeve you spread it out.

The best, long lasting result comes when you use our genuine 'old-fashion' buffing block to polish the floor. The buffing movement spreads out the maintenance product more evenly and enhances the appearance of your floor by feeding both the wood and the wear & tear layer.
(You could even wrap a non-fluffy cloth around the buffing block and use it as applicator)

Our genuine cast-iron buffing block weighs 7kg! Heavy enough to make light work of the polishing.

Our genuine buffing blocks are in fact cheaper and more effective than any of the electric household floor polishers (buffing machines) we've come across. These machines are just not heavy enough to do the job properly. They just skim over your floor, where the pads soak up more of the polish than they work into the wood.
  • The 7kg cast-iron block with natural bristle brush doesn't need electricity - just a broom stick, doesn't have cables to trip over or to get smeared under with polish.
  • Just a simple cast-iron block moving to and fro over your floor - giving you some exercise at the same time too!
  • Eco-friendly, wood floor friendly and exercise friendly.Now, price comparison:
  • The cheapest electric floor polisher (Karcher) we've found online (new)
    £ 154.70 
  • One genuine cast-iron buffing block with natural bristle brush only £100.50 (including delivery charges from The Netherlands straight to your home address in the U.K.)
As said before: cheaper and more effective!
Buy now and see the result immediately, your wooden floor will truly love you for it.
(Please note: buffing block will be dispatched without a broom stick, to avoid additional delivery charges for longer lengths)